We Choose/Arrange Clips

Single Video:


2 videos ordered together:

$325 each

3 - 9 ordered together:

$300 each

10 or more ordered together:

$285 each

Client  Chooses/Arranges Clips

Single Video:


2 videos ordered together:

$225 each

3 - 9 ordered together:

$200 each

10 or more ordered together:

$175 each

Additional Charges:


For each source video [from which we lift clips

to select] over the initial included 15:
$15 [each video] 


For each source video that's over 3 mins - Each minute of video over the initial three 

minutes (rounded up to the next minute):

$10 each minute.  

NOTE: if a source video exceeds 3 mins. you can request that we pull content from within just the initial 3 mins. - In this case, there would then be no extra charge in this category.


If you wish to have more than one version of an approved video created, e.g., let's say we create a two-minute version and you want a 1:10 cut-down as an alternate or for some purpose where shorter
video might work.

This cut down would could just be the last 50 seconds removed, however, we prefer to craft a reedit which works well as a unit despite some content being taken out, so we are willing to re-structure the cutdown a bit:

$100 for each cut-down.

    Welcome welcome to your:

E D I T  S O L U T I O N

  My name is Ari Ross and I edit stuff.   My goal is to help make your

product and/or service S H I N E.




There are two sets of rate structures:

- We Choose Clips & Sequence -

- You Choose Clips & Sequence -

  • WE CHOOSE: Video editing which includes clip & sequence choices made by our editor from source video content provided by the client.  This is higher priced as we spend quite a bit of time sorting and narrowing down clips to use and then deciding on final viewing sequence - juggling these until a final version is produced.

  • YOU CHOOSE:  This economical approach requires that the client sorts through and chooses the exact clips to use, providing us with:
  • Each video title.
  • Time points (minute/second marks) of each clip's IN and OUT times (There can be more than one clip in a single source video).
  • First and last words spoken (or visual cues if nothing is being spoken) in each clip.
  • The final sequence of clips (the order that the selected clips show up in the video) beginning to end.  


      Your choosing the above saves us a lot of time, which is why you'll notice (below) that the rate               using this method is a good deal lower.

How Do We Get Your Source Videos?

You supply us with source videos by either providing Youtube links and/or link(s) to a place from which we can download original-quality videos [These will usually be higher quality as videos uploaded to youtube get processed by YT, usually reducing their original quality, to a greater or lesser degree.  It's always better if you can get us a link to your original videos, but not mandatory]

Basic Rates include: 

- Opening and closing title cards with text of your choice, [as seen in most of the video samples on the home page].

- Up to 3 images [from J-PEGs you supply] which we can insert either at beginning, in between any two clips, or at the close of the video.  These images can be of drawn or painted text, actor headshots, agency logos, etc.

- [If WE select clips & sequence] selecting and choosing content from up to 15 separate source videos you supply, each up to 3 minutes in length [for original source videos longer than 3 mins., you can either ask us to limit searching within the first 3 minutes, or pay "overtime" fees, listed below]   

- Piecing together final video - total run-time up to 3 minutes in length. [NOTE: Many casting directors prefer shorter 1-2 minute videos over longer ones.]

- In the case of silent video [no soundtrack] we can drop in a single track from our limited, licenced music library -- OR from [paid/licenced-for-your-use] music you provide.

[Sorry, we cannot utilize music for which you do not have usage rights and/or ownership]

 NOTE: Except for slight appropriate dissolves or fades for transitions, chosen clips are left intact.

[All amounts are USD]